Sunday, October 19, 2014

I am the abandon child, adopt me


I am the abandoned child of very worthy parents, who abandoned me out of fear. Fear that the mighty will overpower and kill me. They, my parents gifted me to their childless friends who had love in abundance. They cared and loved me and did everything they could. I was bought up by the poor villagers who only had love to give. My little friends had to work at an early age for a living. I was the only hope for them. I found my love in a village girl, and for her I was the existence and end of the world. All the other young girls of the village revolved around me and found joy by their dance and play. All these beautiful girls play brought all kinds to color to the lives… colors of happiness, sorrow, joy, love and separation. Little did I realize life moves on, and I had to go. I had to go and free the world of the darkness that exists. The darkness that lets brother kill brother, father kill son and mother abandon their child. I had to perform my karma. Not only I have to move people from darker to the brighter side, but also prepare them for future. Future is uncertain, unseen and un-assumed. I may not be there at all, because nothing is permanent. Everything has to finally end, but that is not death. Everything merges into thee. Adopt me while you are moving from one phase to another. And whenever u will find yourself alone, you would always find me adopting yourself in my arms.., secure and safe.

I am the abandoned child, adopt me

My mother abandoned me,
My father left me far off,
I am the abandoned child,
Adopt me, adopt me.

I kept on wandering on the roads,
Stealing from people’s homes,
Making friends with likes me,
Adopt me, adopt me.

You are the fairer,
I am the darker,
When no one to care,
Adopt me, adopt me.

When Radha was alone,
And gopies had no one,
To dance and raas with me,
Adopt me, adopt me.

When Gopals had to work hard,
Feeding cows and taking then far,
To play and fun at work,
Adopt me, adopt me.

When Gokuls had meagre,
Which wont suffice to fill there,
To share with the world,
Adopt me, adopt me.

When the kansh will have fun,
Killing relations all gone,
To no one to then run,
Adopt me, adopt me.

When droupadi will cry,
With no morals to try,
To restore her womanhood,
Adopt me, Adopt me.

When there is a fight,
For no will or right,
All relations left on a side,
Adopt me, adopt me.

When there is none,
And everyone is gone,
To learn the unlearn,
Adopt me, adopt me.

When it living or life,
With roller coaster ride,
to take it on stride,
Adopt me, adopt me.

With my arms opened,
I would welcome you,
Whatever you and whenever you.
I would always..
Adopt you… and you..

Adopt me. 

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