Monday, October 30, 2006


I am the crossroads,
Don’t know where to go…
Should I carry on..,
Or should I withhold.
The path so vague..,
The journey so dense,
The decision so crucial
That’s making me tense.

One way to glory..,
The other to growth..,
To choose between the two,
Is question unfold.

Time frame from now
Where do I stand
Is the vision that I
..must understand.
The journey just started,
The pastures still new
Later no time for energies
To refresh, or renew.

So, go with the flow
Don’t stop by the rocks..
Ultimately its life & opportunity
That never again knocks.
So check out the time
And go by the tide
Cause crossroads
Will be again…
There, which we will abide.

… choosing crossroads