Thursday, August 10, 2006

TREES – The Structure of Life

U Stood there,
like a lifeless pillar,
with breeze around,
n friends in rear,
I asked them..
O grandpa dear,
do u got stories to hear..,

standing there in the cool ply..,
I’ve seen the time fly,
Love, life, happiness, sorrow...,
Nothing that I had to borrow.

Been an abode,
and a fighting warrior..,
protecting you too.,
like a loving father.

Flowers, thorns, branches and leaves,
Everyone has lesson to give.
The feelings, the thoughts,
The recurrent doubts..,
and ever those surfacing bouts.
Remember there’s horizons too,
In the clouds if u see them through.

Every journey offers some role,
No matter, meagre or bold.
And that’s where lies the gold.
Cause its journey that matters..,
When destination untold.