Tuesday, February 28, 2017



Karna, from the mahabharata era was the first son of Kunti, the mother of 5 pandavs. No one knew about this truth except karna and kunti till karna died and sacrified his life for his brothers and mother. Karna was made a king by his friend Duryodhana, with whom he has maintained his loyalty and friendship untill his death. Had it known to everyone that Karna is the first child of KUNTI and eldest of pandav borthers, there would have been no Mahabharata, where Duryodhana had also accepted him as the king.

Times have changed but still we have KARNA's in our society, protecting us on borders and from the devilish desires of enemies across the nation. Many have been the sole support of their parents and a caretakers of them in their old age. Still they took the nation as their first priorty and have sacrified their life protecting us and giving us a safety blanket to breathe and live in peace.

This poem is a salute to all such brave defense personal and to their parents and families who bear such a loss, with tears in their eyes, and have held their head high with dignity and pride.

था महावीर राजा कर्ण वह
दान का जिसके न कोई अपार
माँगा कुंती ने जिससे बदले में
कर्त्तव्य दान ...
सोचा ना एक पल भी उसने
दानी था वोह राजा महान
 दे अपनी जान वोह ...
बचा गया कुंती की आन
महा "भारत" का पुत्र वोह
दीखता नहीं उसका त्याग
जीवंत कर पूरी प्रजा को
ओढ़ लिया उसने वस्त्र श्वेत ..
कथा पुरानी बहुत है अब
पर रहे कर्ण अभी भी रहते
दे कर सुरक्षा मानव को
आप अपने जीवन है देते
कहती माँ भर आंसू आँख में
गर्व है जीवन तुझ को दिया
बाप पोछते आंसू आँख के
सीना गर्व से चौड़ा मेरा किया
कहती बहन आओगे कब भैया
मेरे नयन मेरे तकते
लेकर राखी हाथों में ..
तुम्हारा रास्ता हम सब देखते .
-नीतू (१/३/२०१६)