Friday, January 26, 2007

Time-Strand and ‘NOW’

At times I feel
The time standing still
when all that I could feel
with you next to me-el.
The world shrinks so small
With you and me in all
and no one any more.,
Just your and mine soul.
merging n playing.,
a game that’s searching,
each other into more,
your and mine soul.
The hard and the soft
one water, other solid rock
breaking and merging,
the ethos and egos,
to the love they desired,
that’s fascinating and flaming.

They say that it can happen
only by chance..,
The hard and the soft’s
indulging romance.
Inside each other
They always exist.,
A soft heart inside.,
The hard cover story.
Underneath petal soft roses,
resides the hard protection
of the throny.
So.. you see..,
It’s a mirror image,
The vision is opposite.,
But same to relate.

Its just a matter,
of Time-Strand to allow,
to each other..,
tomorrow or NOW.

1 comment:

prakash said...

Neetu !!

U r nothing short of my Everything...!!

Kudos 2 ur Zeniths.....

Weirdo !!

Mus say "Magnum Opus..."

Keep D zap :)

Hasta La'Vista :)
Stay Beau :)