Monday, May 01, 2006

The Last Words

Usually last words are the ending of any story or epic. But they hold special meaning to me, as I consider everything eternal like life. Even after it’s end it continues to breathe somewhere else. It may seem the end of a story, but actually it is a beginning of another. It reminds me of Ekta Kapoor’s serials, moving in new era with entirely new scenario and people.
For me, the last words means to stop using enough words and get into ACTION; The Karma of life, and to build your destiny. Last words is signing in to your Dreams and work with all heart and soul to take you further towards the horizons of a challenging future.
Hope you stay with me through all this Action.


The last words…
Would be my beginning,
To a new era
And a new turning,
Towards the dream
That’s always burning,
And for which the heart always beating.

When the word list
Getting wider and bigger,
And the conversations
Seems more than thicker,
Its time it said
Now stop dreaming,
Now is the time
To do the creaming,
Churn up the knowledge pool,
So you’re no longer
Considered a fool.
now get geared up with
All the tools,
So the future is not spoonfuls,

The horizon above is big and wide
And get ready to take on the tide
Taking everything
That comes to your stride,
So no longer its foolish bride.

Get everything in perfect tuning,
for a Perfect Horizon..,
...A complete beginning.


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