Thursday, February 02, 2006

If I Were a Santa Claus

Santa Claus holds special meaning for children, bringing them small gifts of joy. Little did the santa knew that every human in this world longs for him to bring smile to them and take away their worries, problems and hard struggles of time.
But on this day, when I see soo much pain in people’s eyes, their hard never-ending struggle then I feel being really poor, who has nothing to offer to the world.
So, today my wish to santa is.. “make me rich so I become Santa myself, and bring joy to the eyes where sadness rests”

If I were a santa,
Dressed in red and fanta,
I would come to you everyday..,
To listen to your every say,
So that you are never alone,
And all you things are always done.
The sun Shines Bright at you,
And joys are never tight with you,
A new day to look up for,
And no hurdle to shook you up.
Loved ones to share life with,
And someone special to cry with.
All the joys you could dream of,
Always offered with life’s cream of.
So you always shine bright,
Like the morning sunlight.

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