Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Transcend the Pain

Pain is a great Teacher,
Life’s foremost preacher,
Growing with the birth,
To know a persons mirth,
Each phase to test,
To know what’s your best,
Introducing you to the
unknown you,
so you can always be true,
to liberate talent and energy,
and to achieve the untimate,

So, everytime,
When the challenge is hard,
and the destination seems too far,
the creping pain holds you sad,
but the task is still at hand,
then thinking probably…
Why Me ??
Think that…
Why can’t WE !
The reason why its entrusted in you
Cause you got the capacity too.

Bigger the cause, Longer the road,
Stronger the person, Glory untold,
So fear not the pain,
Embrace it…
Cause the sages said…
“No pain, No gain”

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