Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Love Thyself

There are moments in life when we loose confidence in ourselves, our beliefs and dreams. We don’t know who to follow and who to surpass.
“The destination seems afar
and the journey pretty tough,
and we don’t know who to trust. “
At these times we keep on looking from love and support from the outside world forgetting that we as ourselves has great reservoir of it. If you look back to all those success stories and right decisions made, it was never because of any other person but you. So, before loving and respecting anyone else, give it to yourself and give in abundance. don’t say to yourself “Poor me” but rather say “I am the Best” and enjoy seening yourself the best with time.

Love Thyself

How can I stop falling in love with
With the soul called “I”
For that was the only companion
With “thy”
In the happiness, sorrow, grief and cry
Even in the times when loneliness
Made you dry!
When you asked for love..,
It never refused
And in times of struggle
It was not diffused.
Whenever I walked,
It was there like a shadow
Through the rocks, sands
and mellow-meadow.

It knows you better
than anyone you think,
the potential, the strength,
and the metal never seen.
It’s the best friend…,
When you need someone the most
Cause it’ll never leave you lonely
Even if its never host
So get up .., And smile
Not to the world..,
But to the love, inside you hold.
Life may betray you..,
People may do that too..,
But remember that..,
Its never you should do to you.

Give yourself the due it deserves,
Love and respect, comes In foremost.
Set up some goals,
For Tomorrow to look forward to.
And communicate you feelings
So you are not alone.
A pattern of change,
The environment will show,
For each hurdle you will tow,
Now with each stride,
The world is mine,
Now I wake to a new SUNSHINE.

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