Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Child Inside

The Child in Me..,
Wonders why..!
With growing years, we turn so dry
Without any laughter, and sabotaged cry
More and more we suppress..,
All that the heart longs to pry.

The selfless plays,
The long cherished dreams,
In the daily monotonous streams
Where’s that all… ?
That gives us Joy…,
Those small passionate Toys..,
The songs, the Colors,
The ambitions plays,
The Friends, the Love,
And the lovelorn days,
Sitting with Mom-Dad, Dada-dadi
Enjoying a Cuppa or Chatteratti,

But now the days are like time-table,
With no breaks but continuous labor,
Drinking the cuppa all alone,
And the meals too..,
are just chores,
Gone are the days with wind so cool,
When we use to forget the blues.

But wait still..,
We’ve come not so far,
As life still holds Horizons at Par,
At least to enliven the dreams for tomorrow,
So you don’t have to feel any sorrow.


Anonymous said...

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NeeTo De' said...

Thanks buddy, and i'll take your suggestion rather'll definetely see a change next when we come across.