Monday, May 15, 2006

Life’s bargain


When I look back the past the thought of good and bad fills me with a very indifferent feeling. Usually people cherish the good which had made a landmark in their life and careers. I cherish both.., as every experience in life had led me grow each step professionally and personally. Today, if someone asks me to go back in yesterday and change my life, what I’ll change ..? ‘cause which they think I would/or should had made me grow into a person I am now.


Whenever the life,
Offered me a bargain…,
To exchange for the past,
That has caused some pain.
I’ll deter the offer,
And turn it politely down,
‘cause it’s a petty deal,
which makes me frown.

I agree that sometimes,
It made me suffer some degrees,
And also loose interest
In some filthy meagrees,

But see the picture…,
There’s another side too,
And it is important as it made
Me face the tide through.

With each pain,
I gained a lot of life.
In experience and in expertise,
And I in persona too.
Learning with every valuable stride,
For which I’ll always be pride.
Its been a test..,
For me,
And people too…,
So to segregate the rest,
When I am through.

So Now, you tell me
What you could give
For all the valuables
That lies with me.