Sunday, May 14, 2006

I Am There With You


Someone told me their story one night, it was so brave yet painful. I don’t know the person not even the environment; just felt that he wants to convey his pain through me. The pain he felt after giving all through his life, to all those around.


I know
you are standing tall,
Like a solid stone wall,
Supporting and protecting,
all those who hold meaning..,
in their pride and self esteem.
In joy, in sorrow,
And in all the fears,
You’ve been through them
in all their years.

Rose to the tower
Been a lighthouse for all,
No matter had it be,
Big or small.

The journey was long,
With a long tough road
But you’ve never lost..,
Any of the foothold.
With eyes steadily focused,
like Arjuna’s goal.

Now that you’ve got Greatness and glory,
Time to come to write, A whole new story.

The story that’s very close to the heart.
Which never in future makes you apart.

Found a soul mate,
The suitor of your kind..,
But wait…!
Why.., all the people mind.

Are they afraid of losing the wall,
Which had been protecting them for so long.
I am not taking the cover off you..,
So don’t be afraid of my joys too.
Don’t I deserve them for after so long
To get the world to which I belong.

Now that I asked for my right,
What brings in this tough fight.

I feel that I am alone
Standing in this crowd,
To which I’ve always been so proud.

What to do.. I asked my thee..,
Should I move on..,
Or should I plea...!

Hearing this…,
My soul came close and
Said unto me..,
Whatever you choose..,
It’s always WE.

Either you falter
or either you fly,
you’re not alone,
with me and ‘thy’,
when you cry…,
I cry with you too,
And you happiness,
Brings joys to me too.

I would love to see you,
Rise very high,
With each step that you ply.
And in the evenings when you’re done
Never feel that you’re all alone.
‘cause next to you
you’ll always find..,
another shadow,
that’s mine.

So whatever the path,
Wherever you go.
I am there..,
…always with you.

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