Friday, September 30, 2005

Woman of Excellence

This peace is a Compliment to Kannan, who has gathered so beautiful roses in vibrant colors from Bible and put them up for the world to see. It makes every woman feel beautiful and provides and insight into herself. Beauty they say lies in the eyes of beholder and truly beautiful needs no reclaim. Beauty is not skin deep, beauty is not inside; it lies in the life you live and the life you give. Its living lively and completely. Give love, hope, dreams, and success to any individual and see their life and persona transform. So the Virtue lies in not finding but by creating all around you, by giving in little bits and seeing them revert back in abundance.

Must read:

Woman of Excellence

Every woman a virtuous woman,
who findth the man who respects,
not only the beauty in her,
but the dignity she commands,
its not she is evil or selfish,
its the world maketh her so,
by constantly ignoring her inner self,
and misunderstading her words,
kindness, love and her wisdom,
shows her with a bigger kingdom.
so respect every woman,
give all the love and kindness,
and see her transform to a lady,
of pride, virtues and dignity.
..cause every woman is a virtuous woman,
who findth the right man.

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