Thursday, September 29, 2005

Daddy’s Little Girl

My dad’s always been confused about me. My different hobbies, career changes, temperament and the little joys. He compares me with mercury “pal mein tola, pal mein masha”. i don’t deny him, as mercury I am… cause I belong to the versatile sign of Gemini and had to do everything this world offers. As I get only one life to live, I want to live it to fullest with no regrets for future.

Daddy’s little Girl

Vivid, spontaneous and very charming
This little girl is daddy’s darling,
She is confused, yet knows every why
So that the world won’t make her shy
Versatile, clever and very expressive
To understand life’s every meaning,
Always on toes, she’s restless soul,
So her life never turns a bore,
Chasing all dreams, from A to Zee
Be it poetry, painting and computing,
Trying her hands at everything she sees,
Today when asked her name
She said Nitsy.
I don’t know exactly
Where she wants to go,
As there’s always a new surprise,
Whenever I wanted to know,
When people tell about her,
I wonder who?
Cause they say responsible and mature too,
Helpful and cheerful with brains to match,
I get surprised, By their catch
I believe and trust every bit of you darling
But please don’t be so alarming,
Be always like the girl I always knew
Who likes ice-creams and picnics too,
Be sweet like you always do,
You are a BIG world to me …
My Little Girl.

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