Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Fling

After reading my poems people get quite inquisitive about my love story, which in reality doesn’t exists. And this fact is pretty hard for them to believe as according to them, you can’t write about love and pain if you had not experienced it yourself. But my dear friends, I been in love so many times when u fall in love, and every time I feel ditched when you get a heartbreak. It’s not that I despise love or fear it, for me it is the most beautiful thing to happen to anyone, and so must cherish and respect it. Maybe someday I too fall in love…until then…

A Fling

I’ve fallen in love,
So many times,
With not just one,
But so many smiles.

Every time you smile in love,
I’ve smiled with you.
But when your heart breaks,
I wept with you too.

Ditched in love,
But still you’re lucky,
‘cause I go through this every time,
whenever anyone is sulky,

Chapter after Chapters,
A new story I wrote,
But none is mine,
I had always foretold.

Not that because,
I hate or fear love,
This wonder is so vast,
That cannot be clubbed.

Falling in love,
With so many things,
Just for one man is
Like clipping my wings.

Every relation is special,
Be it friends or siblings,
But still I am eagerly waiting,
For my one and only Fling.

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