Thursday, April 07, 2005


Sometimes there are crossroads that fills us with lots of joy, happiness and color of love; and then…. All of it is taken away by a cruel wind… and all these looks like a painful dream which leaves one empty and bleak taking away all the colors of life. The bygone time makes one wonder HOW and WHY it came in first place and then went by. This small peace is dedicated to all those individuals who are going through such a phase and I hope that it’ll soothe them… and they’ll have strength to bear the pain and come out of it sooner.

I know that once he loved you
But not he sees I hate you
He promise which he made,
Seems to be untrue.
Its hard to believe he has neglected you.

You love him yet but now you say no
At least now stop knocking at his door
You are heartbroken and disappointed
But now his love had mounted
Even today you go
To the place he used to take you before.
You searched the faded memories
Just like bees find home and become honeybees
Yes, I understand my friend…
He has forgotten you
…because he had founded love that is new

What is over… is over I advice you
That shock bothers you all because
His love flew.
Or is she beautiful than you ?
If so don’t feel sad !
Because beauty perishes not virtue,
Sweet friend don’t feel bad,
Remember beauty does not bring,
The joy that character and virtue brings.

You are both virtues…
and have good character.
So don’t ruin it,
Don’t let your heart shatter.
This is my condolence…,
I convey you.
Remember my word…
And realize that…
If not,…
That boy…
But his girl loves you.

-- JMR

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