Thursday, August 30, 2007

Between me and you

Have you ever thought
Over the years…
Whenever we’re together
And apart as peers.
There could be something beyond,
What the two eyes could see..,
In the small little heart that
In the ribs continues to beat.
A tiny feeling… a little sparke,
a delicate bond that’s little apart.
The caring and sharing…,
Just between us two..,
And the comfort level that
No one else knew.
The trust and the faith.,
Increasead with time.,
And we both knew it’ll
Stand with trine.
The rights on the other,
Taken before defiend.
The possession..,
And the bother came untold.
Yet what there …
that still needs to unfold.,
either its mystry..,
or a feeling to be told.
…… have u ever thought.

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