Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Woman Inside

Today on the International Women’s Day, when world recognizes womanhood; it becomes more important to recognize your own self. Not only does it constitute your potential, dreams, aspirations and the power to reach up the sky. Also it is equally important to confront the inner self and the small unspoken desires which all of us has whether it’s a man or woman. So let us stop for a while… and don’t ignore this lovely inside.

Woman Inside

Amidst the chaos of life
Just stopped to take a breather
Found someone very much nearer
Seems to be very familiar
do we know each other
this thought made me wander
I felt so incomplete feel inside,
Unmanned tide.
A desire long buried inside
Of nurturing a little life
Like someone’s very dear wife
a small thought that always strikes
A thirst that seems unending besides
Now that I know her quite
I am to renew my energy
So for all the dreams of mine
I am full of synergy.

So when the chaos subsides
Finally I’ve discovered a WOMAN INSIDE

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