Tuesday, May 18, 2004



“Dreams come true, they do” reminds me of the famous lyrics of the album by Westlife. Its is indeed the force that shapes our life and ambitions from which some of them come true and other are left as the unrealized part which can be just met in just “ Dreams” . Framing the sorrows and joys of life, giving the success and pain … drams indeed is a powerful force …. FORCE of life.


I know a force
That sets us all in course
To teach, that is beyond our reach
Why we lost, and what we lost,
And what was its cost

This force is called a Dream
And makes us all ecstatic
When in ideal we see,
That, we have reached zenith
And all is bare beneath

Then why devote time in such fancy,
And be belied in reality?
Isn't it prudent to discard such thoughts?
And get down to work in some meaningful plots?

For dreams can give us pain
As they will always go in vain
What life would be then,
Entitled in ugly struggle of men?

Who will guide us in proceeding?
Amidst its dull, drab surrounding?
Will not life come to rest,
And bind us all to our nests?

Only wishful thoughts
Can sustain us in happy lots
Even if these fail,
Will leave behind a tale –
That we strived, and will achieve something
And that makes us a happy being.

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