Wednesday, January 12, 2005


He’s Reserved,

He’s a Idol,
… a dream.

A Buccaneer,
A Visionary,
A Legend.

A Friend ..,
A Lover ..,
A Soulmate.

Piller of strengh
Sunshine of joy,
Ocean of emotions,
Petal of shy.

words to comfort..,
shoulder to cry..,
Arms to hold...,
When you need to rely.

Hands so warm…,
Feelings so pure..,
Smile so lively…,
That takes away the blues.

Taste so similar..,
I wonder why,
Music and Movies,
Books too comply..!

Shall not be afraid ..,
To share his mind,
Even if its negative…,
Fine with mine.

To share each joy.
The darkness too..,
in riches,
in poverty,
I care…
…… I Do.

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