Monday, August 16, 2004



“Silence is the greatest art of conversation” is what I always remember when I think of this ANGEL-SOUL who always given me strength by their unspoken support, and shown by their action that this shadow will follow me and take care of me wherever I go. This is just to reminiscence and to thank this soul in making me feel “The Most Beautiful Woman” in myself. So, if you are reading this; just “Thank you, for being there, when I needed you the most”
And to all those part of such silence; let me put “Silence is more powerful than words; it connects you with your own self”. In order to listen to this silence, so spend some time entirely with yourself (alone) confronting yourself; and you may meet a Angel which is none other than you.
And those who had been a victim of silence…, for whom the silence is enduring and the words won’t suffice. Let me put it this way that it’s like “Air” we inhale; you can’t take two breaths at the same time. So you need to balance it as if the silence gets longer, it becomes abuse and leaves conversation behind.
I remember someone saying that the person had a negative and needs to be alone some times (n days) in order to be sane. I rather view this as a process to connect to oneself and a healthy approach towards recreation and creative thought building, which can rather make the bonds much stronger and healthier when the person returns back to this world. This silence can be viewed as emotional and mental house-cleaning than to with drawl. And it is very necessary for all of us and is no doubt a quality than a drawback (that’s how the wise people think and say…. Not my verdict ! ).

Silence Speaks louder than Words

The hour long journey,
the confabulation of souls…
breaking the silence which exists no more.
The little talk to scare the blues away,
and the music so soft to let the moods sway.
The meeting of eyes…
With that soft smile…,
Without any words, but does says mile.

Lifting of the lashes,
The lock of the glaze,
lost in a world .., that
may someone amaze.
the surprise so new..,
the admiration so wild..,
the speechless glare,
that can kill even agile.
Then closing the eyes,
suddenly in despair…,
realizing not being
the only one in the scene.
Closing the eyes in order to save,
Coming back to senses so as to behave.
The experience and the occasion
so personal as mine.
not to be shared with all
those aline.
The shine with appreciation
When the eyes lifted back again,
said a thousand words
without any strain…,
the moment to remember
the occasion to cherish,
the wonderful feeling,
of being a charmer.

The eyes met again…
not in admiration.., but this time
in fury… in desperation,
a tear just roll..,
withheld hard,
said the story…
that no one could forcast.
Again those eyes closed
in pursuation…,
nothing is stationary,
take my assuration…,
if not the Good, so neither the Bad.
So why to worry what you had.
See the side where reason still remains,
share your thoughts to minimize the strains,
……..And the sun again rose
from the cloudy sky.
Making the laughter sound as chimes.

The unspoken words said a millions
making me feel one in a billions.
A memory which fails to fade away
when the silence said a a Zillions.

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