Monday, June 21, 2004



The “Lost Love” signifies the fight with destiny of a daughter who is separated from her Father who is also her Best Friend.
This poem is a silent but tearful confrontation of this little girl who left in awe with this happening in her life which left her all alone. The father on the other hand also misses his daughter and is doing everything to put back the smiles on her face.
On the Father’s Day, my poem is dedicated to my Dad… Whom I love the most, and I want him to know that he’s the Greatest Dad in the World.

The Lost Love

A little girl
Filled with tears
Empty handed…
stood up in rear.
Where she could feel the presence of Thee…
In all the times that she prayed and weeped..
Stood by the mantle
In the light of the lamp…

God said unto her “Come my Child”
Why is it you so gray n frain,
Seems that you’ve gone through
A lot of pain.
Then the voice rose in anguish and anger,
Who gave you tears in now in a danger !
So tell me my angel…
Tell me why…?
Tell me my child who made you cry… ?

It’s a Dear and a friend,
Who always loved,
Went so far off
After being so close
… said the girl.

A buddy to talk,
A teacher to guide,
A piller of strength
When emotions takes flight.

Without him…
I feel lost and weak
Like the roots cut from a tree.
So Tell me “Good Lord”
What should I Do,
It’s no one other than,
…But just you
Tears come rolling too
in the eyes of Thee.
Took her in his arms
Where the heart beats…
With love, he said ,
“Oh ! my child forgive me please”

I’ve just gone far
To get you some gifts…
So your smile always lifts.

Gifts of love…,
Gifts of hope…,
A Friend like me to be so close,
To live n love you
As much I do.

1 comment:

Hirdu said...

There I stood alone, under the tree
He came with lolly in his hand and smile on his face,

I wished him to come near me, but he turned to the kid,
I sighed "I lost myself", still I am happy, coz

He is a father and kid is his kid's kid.